Jennifer Adamson brings the many facets of her life and experience as a writer, business woman, wife and mom together in her endeavour to help people understand themselves better through the art of face and body reading.

You are a unique individual, with amazing possibilities! 
Watch this video of Jennifer and Tony Kawaja on a Breakfast Television show.


Jennifer believes that by tapping into the knowledge of face reading she can help people navigate through their lives better by using their strengths rather than being pulled down by their weaknesses.

You are invited to read through these pages, get to know Jennifer, find out about workshops and private sessions to discover your unique operating system; how identifying your true personality will allow you more ease and flow in your life.

As beautiful as a flower is from a distance, it is only by getting right up close can you see the many unique qualities that make it what it is. Each a beauty in and of itself awaiting discovery. Jennifer can help you get to the heart of yourself and discover all the beautiful details that make you, you! We are often trying to be something we are not and meet with disappointments and wonder why our lives are not unfolding as we hoped. Discover your strengths and change the outcome.

Let Jennifer help you discover who you really are …